Framingham High School Hall of Fame

About the Inductee

Framingham High Wrestling Coach

Dan Balboni

Balboni has made his mark in Framingham history known for his outgoing and loud personality when it comes to him and wrestling. He wrestled all throughout high school and began coaching a couple years out of high school. He coached the JV team for two years before he was offered the head varsity coach position after the previous coach retired.

Balboni was the varsity head coach for 17 years. He said one of his favorite memories was winning the State Championship title in 1994.

“You win with athletes, your team, and I was fortunate enough to have those guys,” he said.

Balboni said he was more nervous about that night’s induction than when he was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2019. He said although he is honored, the success comes more from the support for the program from families and athletes of Framingham High School.

“It’s special because it’s my hometown – it’s family,” he said.