Framingham High School Hall of Fame

About the Inductee

Framingham North Class of 1990

Corey Cheng

Cheng graduated with honors in mathematics, science, music, Spanish, and language arts. He ran track and cross country, played on the golf and volleyball teams, was in National Honor Society, and led the 1990 FNHS Academic Decathlon Team to a fourth place finish at the U.S. National Finals. Cheng earned a Bachelors in physics from Harvard University, a Masters in Electro-acoustic music from Dartmouth College, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan. Cheng became a researcher for Dolby Laboratories, San Francisco, where he worked on sound compression technology for the iPhone. Later, he was Associate Professor of Music Engineering Technology at the University of Miami, Florida, where he taught digital signal processing, acoustics, and music. Currently, Cheng works in international marketing and sales at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.