Nominate an ALUMNI For Framingham Hall of Fame Spring 2023

Nominees must be former students, principals, or staff who have attended and/or served at Framingham High, Framingham North, or Framingham South high schools.

Nominees must have made a significant contribution at Framingham High, Framingham North, and/or Framingham South and or made a significant contribution in their career – thanks to the education they received at the high school.

Students must be at least 5 years post-graduation to be eligible.

Administrators and staff are eligible 3 years after their retirement or departure from the high schools.

Individuals may be nominated posthumously.

Should members of the Committee or Board of Directors be nominated, their nominations will be tabled until such time as they are no longer members of the Committee. 

Relatives of members of the Committee or Board are eligible for consideration; however, the related member will be excused from the discussion session and voting on such a candidate. The definition of relative shall be at the discretion of the Board. 

Any individual who will be on the City of Framingham election ballot in November will not be considered for induction. Elected City of Framingham office holders are eligible for nomination, as long as they are not on the ballot in that year.

All nominations will be held by the Committee for at least 5 years.

Nominate An Alumni

  • Framingham High
  • Framingham North High
  • Framingham South High

There is an alumni hall of Fame ceremony in the spring and an athletic hall of fame ceremony in the fall.



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